Secrets of The Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch

June 6, 2017
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The Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch was built in 1952 and completed in August 1953 by the Air Ministry and is a R4 bunker with three floors and a traditional looking cottage which acts as an entrance. The bunker began its life as the Fighter Command Metropolitan Sector Operations Centre under the ROTOR system, this continued until the 1960’s when ROTOR became obsolete and the life of the bunker changed. For a short while it was under Civil Defence and UKWMO (United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation) then in the late 1960’s it was converted into a Regional Government Headquarters, and it stayed that way until 1994 when the bunker was decommissioned.

As you enter the bunker you will first go through the Guard house, it is disguised as an ordinary cottage, except for one thing, the cottage is made out of concrete and finished off with bricks. Inside there are steel shutters on the windows and a steel cage on the right as you go in, there is also a decontamination room also on the right. After walking through the cottage you walk down a couple steps and you then come to the access tunnel, on your left is the generator room with two large generators which would have powered the bunker when the need arose.

Walking down the 120 yard tunnel you come to the bunker itself

This is a site well worth a visit, this is a privately owned museum and has been well equipped out with original equipment though I think there is still quite a lot of equipment still to be put back. It is not hard to find the museum now. If you are coming from Chelmsford follow the A120 passed Highlands Park and keep going until you get to the Chipping Ongar round about then just follow the sign’s you can’t miss it.

Once you find the main road entrance, stop and think that if the road signs had not been there, which they would not have been when it was an active bunker how easy it would be to just drive straight passed without realizing there was a bunker near by.


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