What Do You Know About the Scotland’s Secret Bunker?

September 4, 2017
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Scotland’s secret bunker is at Anstruther, fife, near St. Andrews. The site first started life as an RAF radar station in early World War Two, over the years it was equipped with different types of radar units, all of which have long since gone from the site.The two level underground Rotor Bunker was built in the 1950’s with the standard bungalow design style guard room. When the Rotor system became defunct the Home Office took over the bunker and it became the Scottish Northern Zone Headquarters under the RGHQ system in 1973. It stayed as a bunker (also an open secret) for quite some time before Cultybraggan was built on an army base.

Anstruther opened to the public as a museum in 1994 



scotbunker1.jpg (57332 bytes)

This is a shot of the guard house at Anstruther, directly on the other side of the cottage is the bunker, about 100m’s from the house. The stairs down to the tunnel are on the left hand side of the cottage and then the tunnel slopes downward to the bunker entrance.



Another shot of the guard house also showing the main gate, there is also an emergency exist at the back of the cottage which also acts as entrance for bringing in equipment, as there is an hoist over the stair case to lower the heavier equipment on to the tunnel floor. scotbunker2.jpg (46273 bytes)



scotbunker3.jpg (32066 bytes) This is a shot of the back of the cottage, you can just make out the other entrance to the right of the photo, there is also an external water tank to the left of the photo, (whether this was meant to be used as a back up water supply for the bunker I’m not sure).



This is a shot of the plant room, which is unusual for a bunker as it is outside the bunker itself, it also acts as an emergency exist for the bunker, if I remember rightly there was a vertical wooden ladder from the upper floor of the bunker to this building. scotbunker5.jpg (41548 bytes)



scotbunker4.jpg (41672 bytes) Just another shot of the plant room and one of the Russian made surface to air anti aircraft missiles the museum has.



The communications tower has long since gone from the bunker as it became unsafe and so it was decided that it should be removed. Unfortunately I don’t have any more information on the bunker and as I live in Reading its a bit hard to get there for a short visit.If anyone knows that any of the above writing is wrong please let me know and I will correct it, also if anyone has anymore photo’s of the bunker that they could let me have I would be most grateful, and I will mention them on the site.


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