Fareham Borough Council bunker Decommissioned

October 7, 2017
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The old emergency centre is on the Fort Fareham industrial estate, quite a lot of the old fort is still visible, as you drive on the the industrial estate the old magazine which holds the bunker is set back of the road on the left handside, the visit which took place on 28th March 2001 was organized by Keith Ward and attended by a number of Subbrit members.

Behind the caravan you come to the main entrance, two large concrete and steel blast doors of the usual design, they are 8 inches thick and must over half a ton each. These two doors are usually hidden by two wooden doors.


Fortfareham1.jpg (27369 bytes)

Fortfareham2.jpg (44104 bytes)

Though I don’t have any photo’s of the next part of the bunker, there is a small ish room, (reception area) with some filtration equipment still in plac

e. Just off to the right are another three magazines which were also part of the emergency centre, (a photo of this can be seen on the Subbrit web site).This picture shows the the entrance to the plant room, there were two generators in this room, and though have long gone the mounting brackets are still there, at the other end of this room is another blast door which leads to a narrow corridor back to the main reception area.

As you can seen the plant room is quite large, on the left is the mountings for the generators and the ducting to remove the fumes, behind me is the other entrance to the plant room, this is I think the way they would have bought the generators in and out.The photo on the right just shows the blast door into and out of the plant room, and the false wall that was inserted around the door.

Fortfareham6.jpg (34654 bytes)

Fortfareham7.jpg (39479 bytes)


This shows the passage leading from the plant room down towards to the control room, the passage bends to the right and goes slightly down hill, because of the dampness of the bunker there is no lighting which I hope will explain why the photo’s are so dark.


Having gone round the corner you are now looking into the main control room, note the ventilation ducting still in the roof. Though it does not really show it the floor continues to slope down away from the photo.There is more filtration equipment further down on the left.Fortfareham.jpg (26978 bytes)


I’m not quite sure were this photo was taken but I think it was from the control room, about half way down.

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