Epping Forest District Council Stand By Emergency Centre

October 29, 2017
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This Building is the Epping Forest District Council Training and Emergency Centre. The trip to the the centre was organized some time ago and a number of Subbrit members visited the bunker on 5th January 2000. The bunker is outside the perimeter of North Weald Air field, and was once part of the airfield acting as the operations room. Also in the compound which contains the emergency centre is another surface block house which was used as a de-contamination centre during the war (it now contains plant used by the airfield and some documentation storage). The block house was converted to the council’s emergency in 1986. What the council had before this I don’t know, they also have a emergency centre at their council offices in Epping town centre which has no protection.



The plant room also contains the filtration equipment which is shown in this photo, were the piping leaves the room to go to the outside there are small blast doors so that the bunker can be totally sealed. This would have meant the air inside would have just been re circulated.




Another two pictures showing the filtration equipment and some of the switching gear, there is also a handle on the filtration pump so that if the power fails the equipment can still be operated by hand.




This Faraday Cage which was not in use was in the anti room at the end of the corridor, there was not equipment in the cage because when I tried to move it, it did so quite easily. Behind me is another door which leads into another room which contains a shower which I presume would have been used for de-contamination on entry to the bunker.




This is the shower mentioned above, to the left of this is another door which leads to a small corridor and three other doors, one being the emergency exist, another being to




The emergency exist is at the back of the building and is built into the outer blast wall of the old block house, the space between the old blast wall and the main block house has had a room added and strengthened to make extra room. This door had not been opened for some time and the entrance was quite heavily over grown.




As you may have noticed there does not seem to be any permanent sleeping area, but I presume that camp beds could have been put up either in the corridors or the canteen area. The future of the emergency centre at the time of visit was uncertain as was a lot of the airfield, one member of Subbrit did offer the council a large sum of money for the centre to preserve it as a museum, but this was turned down as the land was worth more for building houses on. Weather this will be the case after 11th September 2001 is uncertain as the council may now decide to retain the emergency centre as it is gas tight.


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