Distinguishing Wants And Needs

April 26, 2018
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It is important to distinguish between wants and needs as these may lead one to make disastrous financial commitments so all I’m doing is getting rid of the it is and I’m using a gerund remember parts of speech and you’re going to notice that all the points I told you all the tools were going to going to use to reduce our sentences they’re going to be all mixed up in here distinguishing distinguishing between wants and needs may save one from disastrous financial commitments now distinguishing between wants and needs so it is important to distinguish between wants and needs now I know it’s important why because it will save me from a disastrous commitment if something is going to save me from something bad then it’s important I don’t need to mention that it’s important ok. Learn more about wants and needs in essay on Robotdon.

So again always keep in mind your context and trust your reader to make some logical connections for you you don’t have to give them every little detail every little simple thing trust your reader to have some sort of intelligence and they can you know connect the ideas that are you’re putting together without giving them all the words for those ideas it is essential that all parents be prepared to commit at least two hours per week to supervise their children’s homework now this is 22 words first of all it is essential I I deal II what you’re going to write in the next sentence is why why is it essential so why not just take that information and put it right in and get rid of all the unnecessary words to effectively support their children’s intellectual growth that’s the reason parents should come it so it is essential that they be prepared to commit they should shit it is essential it’s good enough close enough to be the same at least two hours weekly per week I reduce to one word to supervise their homework instead of their children’s again there I only reduced two words a lot of people don’t realize that this sentence structure it is adjective noun clause beginning with that this is called a subjunctive voice.

You have to make sure that the be like the verb the main verb in the noun clause and that that Clause is a base verb not a tense verb it is essential that all parents are prepared in correct B is the correct form of the verb make sure you understand that if you’re going to use this structure now I went from 22 words to 20 words but I added the next sentences information into this sentence so I packed this one sentence with twice the ideas two ideas why and how and I put it all into fewer words altogether again this is going to take practice you have to make sure you understand the components of a sentence the clauses the modifiers the complements phrases all these things is squeeze squeeze squeeze as much information as you can into every sentence.

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