Contribution To Writing Style

April 1, 2018
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Choose the right word sometimes that means looking in the disorders all right sometimes that means using a certain image that adds to your style as well the rhythm of your sentences adds to your writing style so sometimes for a complex idea you might have to have a longer type of sentence a three four line sentence however think of this sometimes when you want to make a very start point perhaps you want to fragment or a three word sentence for adding emphasis for drama okay so that contributes to style as well the examples or the way that you develop your ideas can help with your style students many times like to use examples to prove their points no hear examples it’s not bad to use examples but you have such an arsenal that you can use for your development why not for example instead of having examples everywhere here and though I just said for example okay.

But what you can do is you can have let’s say this paragraph be a comparison and contrast paragraph this paragraph a a cause and effect paragraph this paragraph right here one filled with facts and statistics so this will add to your style because it will show your reader your professor that you are engaging with various types of evidence okay all right let’s get to the last one right here is about clarity okay um lots of ideas here about how to improve your clarity of course lo the rules of grammar but knowing the rules of grammar I can’t say that this is all that you need to do I know many students who know the rules of grammar but you cannot apply it to their own writing knowing the rules is important but being able to apply correct rules to your own sentences that is the most important okay so do online exercise to improve your clarity all right do workbooks to improve your clarity read for style grammar and clarity.

So when you’re reading a book sometimes if you want to improve your clarity and you know the rules of grammar don’t read for the content really for how did that how did this writer construct this paragraph you start off with the prepositional phrase and then you move into a short subject with a very powerful verb okay all right and one thing now now that I’m on the topic of verbs okay know that as far as style and Clarry is concerned the verb is the most important word in the sentence choose birds that show what is happening in the sentence so for example right now it is not incorrect to say that bed box Sierra says I am saying something okay all right then boxy lot talks but is that as precise as we can be in fact what I’m doing is what would be more precise is something like bentback Sierra lectures bentback Sierra explains ask yourself is the verb that you are using the clearest verb to explain your sentence.

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