Case Study Analysis

March 22, 2018
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I would like to give a brief introduction to the pre-programmed docket and then start off by explaining why case study analysis is an integral part of management education number three I will take you through some of the important steps of case study analysis at a 50 thousand feet level at a pretty broad level and then finally I will end the video with some tips and conclusions I’m hoping that you will use this video as a preparatory course let’s say to start off with some of the case studies in the pre program docket as I said I really want to use this presentation to welcome all of you to walks in formally I personally think that you have taken a wonderful decision to join woxall from my perspective. More about case studies on Edusson.

When I say my perspective the program directors perspective I have taken a vow to create the best program that I can imagine if I were a student I would like to join a program like this so in that sense every single promise that we have made will be fulfilled when we start the program and when we continue for the next one or two years you will get the best of the best faculty from across the globe these are people who are the who and who of this field and you will get a chance to interact with them plus you will you will get to engage with aspiring entrepreneurs people who take initiatives and so many other people from across different industries so this program will be exciting and I can promise you the most exciting time in the next one and two years that said what exactly was the intention behind the pre program docket not many schools do that right well the intention of the pre program docket is not to start off on the lectures not to force you to study material before you come to the campus.

It was more of a getting to know each other tool given that from the point you pay your fees or you say yes to the admissions team to the point when you actually come to the campus there’s always this large gap we believed that probably this is one of the best ways to keep the conversation going get to know each other even before we arrive at the campus number two is from an academic perspective the pre-program docket will give you a flavor as to the kinds of expectations we have from each other as well as from the program so hopefully this pre-programmed rket process will help you understand the expectations of people at boxin and for us it’s a way of getting to know you who you are right how do you think what is your background and how do you bring that background into your education and then finally of course this is just a way of keeping the blood flowing to our brains just for transit right fantastic.

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