Best World War II History

November 19, 2017
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All the books below have been used in my site, mainly on the airfields page but also in other parts of the site. There are more books to follow, I’ve just bought a couple of new books on airfields. All books was edited by an assignment writing help australia service.

This a excellent book for local airfield research, its good reading and is available in the the libraries at Chelmsford and Southend.Graham Smith is an excellent historian and has written many books on military history of East Anglia.

ISBN Number: 1 85306 405 X

This is another excellent airfield research book. It covers East Anglia but also covers such things as radar research and the Chain Home Stations plus information on the Home Guard amongst other things.Gordon Kinsey is another excellent Historian and his books are well worth a read.

ISBN Number: 086138 032 0

This the first in an excellent series of books, there are nine in total covering the whole of the United Kingdom. This book which covers East Anglia is excellent for back ground history though it was last updated in 1990 so the status of some of the airfields has changed but there are other books and websites were you can find up to date information including this site.ISBN Number: 1-85260-377-1
This is an interesting book for any local historian, as it says on the cover it is a diary of events and incidents at Frinton, Walton, Kirby and Gr. Holland 1939-45.I have found it very useful for find locations of gun emplacements and other coastal defences around that part of the coast line, worth a look at.

ISBN Number: 0 9528186 0 4

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